and the tight groove

The Band

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Their performances have captivated audiences across Europe and provide experiences of a lifetime that simply should not be missed.


Blue Rivers

Francois Kaech  -  Keyboard
Guitar virtuoso, René Hemming, lays down the soulful riffs that set the stage for Mr. Blue's passionate and magnificent voice to send the audience into a frenzy and keep them calling for more.

René Hemmig  -  Guitar
René Hemmig

Jürg Frei - Bass Guitar
Jürg Frei
Paul Buser  -  Drums
Paul Buser

Mr. Blue Rivers  -  Vocals

François Kaech


Mr. Blue & The Tight Groove performances at the recent Montreux and Luzern blues festival have catapulted them to the level of a European "Blues Icon".

Beat Riggenbach  -  Saxophone
Beat Riggenbach